Dr. Cagnes is announcing a new beautifying skin treatment for the Fall.

Dr. Cagnes is announcing a new skin beautifying treatment for the fall!


Firm, brighten and super hydrate your summer skin with PRX-T33 revolutionary treatment from Italy!


The treatment is clinically proven to stimulates the collagen production and it provides the skin with a gentle exfoliation that will help to get rid of the dry, tough top layer revealing a smoother, younger looking skin that glows!

Results are immediate with a significant improvement in radiance, tone, smoothness and texture.


The procedure is indicated for all skin types it is not painful and it has no down time.


The price is $300.00 for each treatment,

Recommended one weekly treatment x 4 to stimulate the skin regenerative process and ultimately transform your skin.

After a series of 4 treatment one treatment every 3 months is recommended for maintenance.


Dr. Lucia Cagnes Dr. Cagnes is a double certified Ob/ Gyn doctor in Europe as well as in the USA. She has been in practice in the US for more than 23 years.

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