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All Cape Gynecology is the medical practice of  Dr. Cagnes, double certified in Ob/Gyn in both Europe and the U.S.  Dr. Cagnes has more than 30 year clinical experience.  Patients are seen in her beautiful state-of-the-art surgical facility located at 1330 Phinney's Lane in Hyannis, Massachusetts. 

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Dr. Cagnes specializes in the diagnosis as well as in the surgical and medical treatment of disorders.  These include:

>  Well woman exams
>  Abnormal vaginal bleeding
>  Pelvic pain
>  Infertility
>  Menopausal disorders
>  Contraception
>  Urinary incontinence
>  Female cancer


Vaginal Procedures

Surgeries take place in our state-of-the-art facility.  One will feel at ease with Dr. Cagnes, who is expertly trained in aesthetic cosmetic surgery.  Her specialties for vaginal rejuvenation and restoring vaginal wellness include:

>  Vaginoplasty (Vaginal tightening)
>  Labia Majora Plasty (Cosmetic remodeling of the labia)
>  Labia Minora Plasty (Cosmetic remodeling of the labia)
>  Restore Virginity (Hymenoplasty)
>  ThermiVa


Bladder Control

Overactive bladder (OAB) affects more than 37 million Americans.  There are several types of OAB.  If you are affected, you know just how much it interrupts your life  But it doesn't have to be this way.  There are many simple lifestyle changes that can effectively treat overactive bladder.  In addition we also offer:
>Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) Treatments.  PTNS is a non-surgical, non-drug approach to OAB.  Benefits of PTNS can include going to the bathroom less often, decreased frequency of urination during night-time sleep and getting back to the things you enjoy.
>Medtronic Bladder Control Therapies.  This uses neuromodulation, or gentle nerve stimulation, which is thought to normalize the brain/bladder communication pathway.  Miscommunication between the brain and bladder may be the cause of your OAB.   Click here to learn more.....


Integrative Care

Our practice of medicine puts a strong emphasis on preventative care, and we recognize the importance of integrative medicine.  We look at the entire person and recommend simple, but effective, lifestyle modifications in order to promote and maintain good health at any age.



There is an intimate link between a healthy diet, supplementation, exercise, sleep and healthy YOU!  Many vitamins and minerals are "essential", which means your bodies cannot produce them.  If you can't make them, you need to take them in some form--either food or supplementation.  Nutraceutical supplementation can be necessary due to:

> Poor dietary choices
> Poor quality of fresh fruits and other vegetables (due to soil depletion and modern agricultural methods)
>  Chronic stressful lifestyles (which can result in poor nutritional status)
>  As a nation, we are "overfed" and "undernourished"
>  Ability to compensate for genetic vulnerabilities with nutritional support
>  Certain prescription and over-the-counter drugs can deplete nutrients from the body, such as CoEnzymeQ10, the B vitamins and Magnesium

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Gene SNP/DNA Analysis

When it comes to your health, the answer is in your genes.  Your DNA tells a story.  No two people have the same fingerprint. Like our fingerprints, our genetic variations are unique identifiers which make us different from every other person. It's the variations in genes that make us who we are.  From our gender, to the color of our hair, eyes and skin, the types of foods that work best with our bodies,  and even the type of exercise designed to maximize our individual performance--our genes are the instruction manual for the creation and maintenance of our bodies.

By identifying our own unique gene variations, we can customize lifestyle approaches and nutritional supplementation to maximize our genetic potential promoting optimal health never before achieved. 
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Everyday your body is repairing the damage caused by daily life; the foods you eat; pollution and infections you are exposed to and the stress of your day to day routine.

Your environment influences your genes to produce new proteins, which produce new cells and repair your tissues and organs. If your environment is stopping your genes from expressing in the best way then they produce proteins and cells, which might not effectively repair and renew your body. Once this happens then the systems of your body lose efficiency and you start to notice this in the signs and symptoms of a breakdown of normal processes.

Now you can reverse this process by changing the environment to one which supports your gene expression. Whether that is for wellness, performance or any aspects of daily life.

We refer to this as optimization, which means getting the most out of your genes for whatever your daily needs, including your overall wellness, sports or work performance, daily nutritional intake or beauty regime. We offer a variety of report options to suit your own optimization needs.



Dr. Cagnes is fully trained in the Japanese style of acupuncture.  She completed her training at Harvard Medical School in 2010.  Dr. Cagnes offers acupuncture services for a wide variety of conditions, including infertility. According to some studies, acupuncture has been shown to improve the chances of conception by regulating chemical and hormonal levels in the body. Acupuncture is also a great way to alleviate the stress associated with fertility-related challenges.



Dahn yoga is a unique holistic practice created by retired Korean Dr. Ilchi Lee in the 1980s. Ilchi Lee created a discipline and a yoga practice designed to protect our brain through a simple exercise called brain vibrations, In his scientific work he was able to prove that through physical activity we can reset our brain waves to induce a state of deep relaxation. Click here to learn more....


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