Dr. Cagnes's new Vulvar Balm

Dr. Cagnes New Vulvar Care Cream


Dr. Lucia Cagnes has created a new dermatological cream designed to provide hydration and to restore the balance of the delicate vaginal and vulvar tissue.

Essential organic healing oils

The vulva Balm is made of a customized blend that includes Aloe Vera extract and organic coconut oil.

The product also contains essential oils for their natural healing properties as well as rejuvenating factors like collagen, growth factors, Vit. E and peptides.

It contains no preservatives or parabens and has no hormonal effect.

Because of its moisturizing and healing properties it can be used as an aid in several dermatological conditions as well as lubricant during sexual activity.

Use daily as needed

Dr. Cagnes recommends using this balm to maintain vaginal health, to prevent changes due to the aging process and as an aid in the prevention of recurrent bacterial, viral as well as recurrent yeast infection.

The vulva balm can be safely used daily as needed, in order to promote healing and to provide some relief from the uncomfortable feeling of dryness and / or itching of the vulvar area as well as for soothing inflamed hemorrhoids.

The ointment is rich and creamy and it has been created by Dr. Cagnes to address the needs of a more mature population of patients, specifically menopausal and post-menopausal women.


Dr. Lucia Cagnes Dr. Cagnes is a double certified Ob/ Gyn doctor in Europe as well as in the USA. She has been in practice in the US for more than 23 years.

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