The miracles of microneedling treatment


Microneedling is a procedure that uses a pen like instrument equipped with tiny needles to penetrate the skin allowing products to be absorbed through the tough top layer.

Naturally only 1 % of the skin care products that we purchase online or from Department stores are absorbed through the skin, the remaining portion lays on top of the skin with very little or no effect.

Medical grade products are better absorbed at a rate of 20 %.


By creating microscopic funnels Microneedling allows designated skin care products like serum with growth factors and peptides, Hyaluronic acid or the patient’s own plasma to covey important nutritional and stimulating agents inside the skin to promote a process of rejuvenation.


The results of the Microneedling treatment are several, the most common are:


Overall, the skin looks plumped and glowing.

The treatment can be done at the level of the face, chest, neck, hands or whenever the skin shows significant signs of aging.

When applied to the scalp it can help with hair loss.

The procedure can also use the patient plasma for a powerful rejuvenating effect and it is called “PRP”.

The treatment is not surgical and it has very limited downtime.

The skin will look slightly swollen and red for few hours after.

The serum or the plasma are allowed to sit on the skin for the entire day.

The patient will be able to resume her normal activity the next day.


Full benefits are seen in 8 to 10 weeks.

The procedure should be repeated once a month for three consecutive months in order to achieve the best results.





Dr. Lucia Cagnes Dr. Cagnes is a double certified Ob/ Gyn doctor in Europe as well as in the USA. She has been in practice in the US for more than 23 years.

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