What is skin complexion?


According to “Wikipedia” skin complexion is the natural color, texture, and appearance of the skin.

Many different factors determine and influence it.

A general health status reflects into our skin.

A sallow, dry, dull skin might represent some kind of health imbalance in the body and even could be a sign of a serious illness.

An unhealthy diet rich in refined sugar, processed food and lacking of a good source of proteins will result in a poor skin complexion.

In order to improve the appearance of our skin we need to focus on our diet first.

A strict food regimen that combines 70% fruits and 30 % green leaf vegetables for 3 to 4 days will produce several effects.

First of all it will help in kick starting the body’s metabolism,

it will increase the clearance of toxins from our body purging our digestive tract from waste and debris, it will nourish our intestinal flora while resetting our system back to normal.

The result of changing our diet even for only few days, will have a big impact not only on the way our skin looks but also on the way we feel experiencing a new level of vitality in our body.

A water intake of 24 to 32 oz is a fundamental factor in improving the condition of our skin.

The skin needs a lot of hydration to achieve a soft and radiant look.

Increasing our exercise regimen will provide us with a firmer and more toned body.

Exercise is not only important in promoting a better status of health but it will also have the effect of improving the circulation and the ability of delivering oxygen and nutrients to our skin.

A boost in the blood flow will assist in flushing the toxins out by improving the function of our kidney and digestive system.

Do not forget the fact that exercise has the ability of boosting the production of “endorphins” promoting a happier version of ourselves that will reflect in a brighter and more captivating smile.


Using a sunscreen of at least 50 SPF, daily, is of the utmost importance.

The sun is a major cause of aging of our skin causing a breakdown of collagen and elastin, inducing sagging and hyperpigmentation as well.

Avoiding exposure to the sun during the warmest hours of the day it is imperative in keeping our skin in good conditions.

Another important factor that has a great impact on how our skin looks is the rate at which the cells are produced and exfoliated.

A baby skin has the ability to renew at incredible speed, the turnover of the cells is quite fast.

When we become adults, we lose that ability.

The turnover of our cells becomes very sluggish causing a built up of cells that can create a sallow and dull appearance.

The presence of an excess of old cells can also cause obstruction of the pores preventing the natural oil produced by our sebaceous glands from reaching the top layers with a significant loss of hydration.

This process will also cause our skin to be more prone to breakout and to the “adult kind of acne” called “rosacea”.

The pores have the tendency to become larger and congested.

The same process of a slow turnover of the skin cells will create problems such as the “sun spots” which is ultimately, the result of a build-up of layers of dead cells that carry a large amount of pigment.


One way to accelerate the turnover of the skin is to use topical retinoid creams and lotions.

Retinoid is a product derived from the Vit. A, it has also the property to increase the production of collagen in the skin while preventing from the harmful effect of the UV radiation.

There are different ways to promote exfoliation.

One of the most effective ways is to use the energy of the “Laser”.

There are different types of laser treatments available ranging from the more aggressive ones that cause ablation of the superficial layers of the skin to the more gentle ones called “IPL” which have the property to induce less discomfort during the procedure while minimizing the need for a prolonged recovery.

Low level lasers or “IPL” produce a photofacial treatment that has the effect of promoting exfoliation of the skin while increasing the production of collagen with an ideal effect of rejuvenation of the skin.

The blood supply to the skin is also optimized by the treatment with the effect of providing a better level of oxygen and nutrients.

After the laser treatment the pores look smaller, the fine lines get smoother, the skin feels firmer, the sun spots get lighter and lighter over time resulting in a younger, brighter new look.

The treatment is much more effective than the regular “facial” because of his own deep, regenerative effect on the skin.

At Sorgente med spa we recommend a series of 6-8 IPL treatments, every 3-4 wks. in order to achieve the best outcome.

Please feel free to request a consultation at Sorgente MedSpa in order to address your cosmetic skin concerns.


Dr. Lucia Cagnes Dr. Cagnes is a double certified Ob/ Gyn doctor in Europe as well as in the USA. She has been in practice in the US for more than 23 years.

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