Dr. Lucia  Cagnes teaches all yoga classes.  Dahn yoga is a unique holistic practice created by retired Korean Dr. Ilchi Lee in the 1980s. Ilchi Lee created a discipline and a yoga practice designed to protect our brain through a simple exercise called brain vibrations, In his scientific work he was able to prove that through physical activity we can reset our brain waves to induce a state of deep relaxation.

This method can also enhance our natural healing power and restore the natural rhythms of the body. One of the most important principles of the Dahn yoga practice is based on the Meridians Stretching. This allows the vital energy to freely circulate through meridians, removing blockages in our body and restoring balance and optimal communication among the internal organs. Meridian Stretching promotes good health and improves the flexibility of our body with an amazing and long lasting "rejuvenating effect"

Another important principle of Dahn yoga practice is the ability to achieve the "water up, fire down" circulation or "su-seunghwa- gang," which will allow us not only to quiet our mind but also increase the strength level and power in one of the most important energy centers located in the lower abdomen, also called the "Dahnjon," Keeping the "Dahnjon" warm and strong is one way to achieve great health in our body and mind, It is accomplished by a practice of body tapping, intestinal exercises, meridian stretching, mindful meditation as well as power walking "Jangsaeng Walking."

You will notice a significant improvement of your body conditions after a few classes and you will achieve a better level of physical and emotional health and well being. Sorgente Med Spa invites you to promote a positive change in your life with the practice of Dahn yoga.


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